Slit (Keratome) double bevel knives

Accucut Safety Slit Knives used for sclerocornea centesis incision during cataract surgery, many sizes available to ensure the exact incision for your choice of Phaco tip and operating access along with standard angled bevel up model.
The Accucut Safety Slit (Keratome) knives are ophthalmic surgical instruments utilized in various ophthalmic procedures, including cataract surgeries. The ultra-sharp slit blade tips with a flawless cutting edge facilitate superior wound architecture and minimal wound leakage.

Variations Available In Slit (Keratome) Double bevel Knives

Model No Dimension (Width)
KR DB 18 - S
1.8 mm
KR DB 20 - S
2.0 mm
KR DB 22 - S
2.2 mm
KR DB 24 - S
2.4 mm
KR DB 25 - S
2.5 mm
KR DB 26 - S
2.6 mm
Model No Dimension (Width)
KR DB 265 - S
2.65 mm
KR DB 275 - S
2.75 mm
KR DB 28 - S
2.8 mm
KR DB 285 - S
2.85 mm
KR DB 30 - S
3.0 mm
KR DB 32 - S
3.2 mm

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FAQ – Slit (Keratome) Double bevel Knives

What are Double Bevel Knives?
Unlike single bevel knives, feature bevels on both sides of the blade. This design enables a smooth cutting experience on both sides simultaneously, making them ideal for consistent tissues. However, when dealing with unevenly elastic tissues like corneal incisions, there may be a slight horizontal shift. Surgeons value the versatility of double bevel knives, which provide excellent cutting performance in a variety of ophthalmic procedures. The dual-bevel design is clearly labelled on ACCUCUT SAFETY knives, ensuring precision and accuracy in surgeries for optimal outcomes.
Why are single-use knives important in ophthalmic surgery?
Ophthalmic surgery involves delicate tissues and critical structures within the eye. Using sterile, single-use knives helps minimize the risk of infection and complications, promoting patient safety and optimal surgical results.
What is Depth Indicator in Slit (Keratome) Knives?
The Depth Indicator in Slit (Keratome) Knives is a feature that helps surgeons gauge and control the depth of the incision during ophthalmic procedures. This indicator provides a visual guide, allowing surgeons to make precise and consistent incisions at the desired depth in the cornea.
What is Anti-Glare and How it will be helpful?
Anti-Glare blades in Slit (Keratome) Knives refer to blades that have a non-reflective, dull surface. This type of finish is achieved through a Electro Polishing process, This non-reflective surface minimizes glare from surgical lights, providing better visibility for surgeons during procedures.
How Accucut Safety ophthalmic knives different from other brands?

Accucut Safety knives are renowned for their exceptional sharpness, precision, & Consistency. We use advanced Electro Etching and Polishing, leading to smoother incisions and improved surgical outcomes. Additionally, our knives are crafted from premium materials Vacuum-purified double melt, Hardened and tempered Steel, ensuring strength. You can visit Manufacturing Facility

Are Accucut Safety Keratome Knives sterile?
Yes! Accucut Safety ophthalmic knives undergo rigorous sterilization processes according to the highest medical standards. Each knife arrives in individual, sterile packaging to ensure patient safety and prevent the risk of infection.
Where can healthcare professionals buy Accucut Safety knives?

Accucut Safety Keratome knives may be available through authorized medical equipment suppliers, distributors, it is advisable to purchase from reputable sources to ensure the authenticity and quality of the product, you can contact us for knowing Authorized Distributor Partner in your region Contact Us 

Why Accucut Safety Slit (Keratome) Knives meant for single use?
Accucut Safety ophthalmic knives, including slit knives, are designed, and intended for single use only. This single-use policy provides several advantages such as, this will Minimizes risk of cross-contamination, maintains optimal performance, Reduces cleaning and sterilization burden.

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