OBL / OEM (Private Labelling)

OBL / OEM [ Private Labelling ]

Your Vision, Our Precision

Unlock the potential of your brand with Shah Eye Care’s OEM (Private Labelling) program. Elevate your product offerings by partnering with us to manufacture top-tier ophthalmic knives bearing your brand’s identity. Shah Eye Care provides the expertise and experience, backed by proven processes. Meanwhile, you can showcase your brand on the finest microsurgical instruments.

Customization Options

At Shah Eye Care, we understand that every brand is unique. Therefore, we offer comprehensive customization options


Blade specifications tailored to your requirements

Handle Colour

Colour customization based on your brand preference

Custom Packaging &
Labelling Design

Customized packaging featuring your brand & logo

Collaborative design process

Shah Eye Care values your insights and is equally prepared to guide if necessary.

Why Partner with Shah Eye Care

Choosing Shah Eye Care for your private label product brings several advantages

Low Upfront Investment:

Start your private label journey without a significant initial investment.

Quality Assurance:

Guarantee of a high-quality product that meets and exceeds industry standards.

Regulatory Support

Ensuring compliance and facilitating a smooth market entry for your private label products.


Your brand is safe with us – complete confidentiality in all dealings.

In-House Design and Development:

Our private label products not only meet industry standards but also reflect your brand's unique identity.

ISO and CE Certification:

Start your private label journey without a significant initial investment.

Global Acceptance:

Access a complete line of microsurgical instruments recognized globally.


Exceptional flexibility to meet your specific requirements and preferences.

Shah Eye Care is actively engaged in private labeling, manufacturing for some of the most trusted names in the ophthalmic industry. Moreover,


Is Private Label Right for You?

Established Brand:

Do you have an established or growing brand with recognized value?

Distribution Network:

Do you have a distribution network or established customer base with a need for ophthalmic knives?

Product Line Enhancement:

Do you offer a line of products where performance would be enhanced by a world-class range of ophthalmic knives?

If your answers are affirmative, it’s time to consider Shah Eye Care’s Private Label program. Let’s Discuss the Opportunity!


About Private Labelling

What types of eye care products does Shah Eye Care offer for private labeling?
Shah Eye Care specializes in manufacturing a range of eye care products, including surgical instruments, intraocular lenses, and other ophthalmic devices. Specific details about available products can be discussed during the private labeling consultation.
How does the customization process work for private-labeled eye care products with Shah Eye Care?
Shah Eye Care collaborates with private label partners to customize products according to their specifications. This may include branding, packaging, and, if needed, specific features tailored to the partner’s requirements.
What are the quality standards maintained by Shah Eye Care in the manufacturing of private-labeled products?
Shah Eye Care upholds high-quality standards in the manufacturing process to ensure the safety and effectiveness of eye care products. Private label partners benefit from Shah Eye Care’s reputation for delivering premium quality in the eye care industry.
How does the private label partner handle marketing and distribution of the eye care products?
Private label partners take ownership of the branding, marketing, and distribution of the eye care products. They have the flexibility to choose distribution channels and markets based on their strategy and customer base.
What is the process for initiating a private labeling partnership with Shah Eye Care?
The process typically involves reaching out to Shah Eye Care’s business development or sales team to express interest. A consultation will be arranged to discuss product requirements, customization options, and the terms of the private labeling agreement.
Are there minimum order quantities or specific terms for private labeling agreements with Shah Eye Care?
Specifics regarding minimum order quantities, terms, and conditions are typically outlined in the private labeling agreement. These details can be discussed and negotiated during the consultation and agreement process.

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