Ophthalmic Micro Surgical Knives

Enhanced Safety Features

Variants and Prominent Characteristics of the Knives

Unique features that improve the surgical experience

Shah Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. offers a new improved designed line of Accucut safety ophthalmic microsurgical knives that consistently provide both the quality and high performance necessary to achieve these features with easy to use tip guard and user friendly design. This allows operating surgeon to handle instrument single handed by using slider protector sheath to open and close the instrument. This slider will minimize the risk of accidental injuries.

Effortless Tissue Penetration

Minimal Wound Leakage

Excellent Tactile response with minimal drag

Rapid Wound Healing

Reduced Potential for Infection

Effortless Tissue Penetration

Minimal Wound

Excellent Tactile response with minimal drag

Rapid Wound

Reduced Potential for Infection

Unique Advantages Over Grinded Knives

Unlike grinded knives, which may have scratches on the cutting edge and uneven edges, Accucut Safety knives, manufactured with Electro Etching Technology, will stand out with a smooth surface finish and consistently even edges

Other brand’s ground knives often result in uneven incisions, while Accucut Safety knives consistently achieve precise and even incisions.

How Our Knives Are Built Different

AI Based Electro Etching Technology

Ultra-Sharp Blade

Vacuum Purified Stainless Steel

Single & Double Bevel Knife Options

Sterile Single-Use Packaging

FAQ - Accucut Safety

What are Accucut Safety Ophthalmic Micro surgical Knives?
Accucut Safety Ophthalmic Micro-Surgical Knives, manufactured by Shah Eye Care, are essential medical instruments for ophthalmic procedures, particularly in cataract surgery. These knives come with enhanced safety features, such as an easy-to-use tip guard and a slider protection sheath. Backed by globally recognized certifications, they are supplied to the international market through an extensive network of global distributors, ensuring their availability and excellence in ophthalmic care worldwide.
What are the Accucut Safety Ophthalmic Knives Variants?
Accucut Safety Ophthalmic Micro Surgical Knives are available in eight variants, including Side Port/Stab Knives, Crescent Knives, Slit (Keratome) Knives with Single and Double Bevels, Clear Cornea Knives with Single and Double Bevels, MVR Knives, and Paracentesis Knives.
How does Shah Eye Care uphold a commitment to quality?

Shah Eye Care is unwavering in its commitment to delivering outstanding quality products and services. We persistently refine our manufacturing and customer service processes while upholding the stringent standards of multiple certifications, including ISO, CE, USFDA, EUDAMED, CDSCO, To access our certifications please visit Quality Assurance

Can I download the Accucut Safety product Brochure?

You have the option to download Product Brochure and Presentations here Downloads 

Does Shah Eye Care provide Accucut Safety samples for evaluation?
Yes, we would be pleased to discuss this with you. Please get in touch with us by clicking on the [Contact Us Link] page, or kindly share your Company Profile and Please download Business Partner Information Sheet here [Downloads page link] so that we can send you the required samples for Quality Evaluation.

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